Whichever year you would call the inception of the internet, one fact is true for all: the generation that is born approximately between 1980 and 2000 - commonly known as Millennials - has grown up alongside the digital revolution. Many of us knew the action of handwriting a letter, and sending it via the post office to be normal. We knew the phone numbers of our friends by heart.

Growing up, having to use the computer was something exciting. Being able to chat online from one house to the other was amazing. Then the mobile phone came along, and we used it for calling, texting and playing snake.

Today, we are almost glued to our smartphones, smartwatches and other smart devices. We still remember the effort of connecting with someone, remember the excitment, but can hardly recall the image today.

We, of all people, are realizing that we can't, nor want to, return to our lives before, but that we also can't continue this way. We have bring the best of both worlds together. 

This is the aim of the Millennial Workshops: bring people from this generation together to start thinking and acting upon a new digital future.

Previous workshops have been hosted at:

Digital Society School - University of Applied Science Amsterdam
       Co-hosted by Mick Jongeling




* In assignment of Next Generation Internet (NGI)
       Co-hosted by Marta Arniani